Thursday, 17 December 2015

Politics for grown-ups

Letter sent to London Evening Standard, 15 December 2015:
Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh's complaint ( Comment, December 15) about the way she feels some of her Parliamentary colleagues  have been treated by  fellow Labour party members  and supporters for backing  the Government determination to bomb ISIS/Da'esh encliaves in Syria needs to be put in a wider political  context.
She gives the impression those, who like her, backed the bombing, are the only recipients of strong opprobrium from what she unflatteringly  calls "hard left trolls".
The day before her column, her backbench Labour MP colleague, Jess Phillips, told the Guardian newspaper she would :knife her party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who won the leadership election with nearly 60% of the vote, "in the front not the back"
For this outrageous political insult to her party leader, Ms Phillips was described by another Corbyn critic,  Labour backbench MP John Mann, as "a breath of fresh air" and "an ideal Labour leader."
The same Mr Mann told n me in an e-mail last month he considered Mr Corbyn's innovative economic and industrial investment programme as akin to the plans  of Hitler and Mugabe.
Yet another Labour backbench Corbyn critic, Simon Danczuk, attacked Mr Corbyn's supporters as  "lunatics" in an article he wrote in last weekend's Mail on Sunday.
Politics is a grown-up business:  If Ms McDonagh does not like the current discourse, she might have a word with Ms Philips, Mr Mann  and Mr Danczuk, to start behaving like grown ups instead of spoiled children throwing their toys out of their prams.

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