Monday, 27 June 2016

London Mayor out of touch with realities of EU membership‏

Letter to the London  Evening Standard:

I voted to remain.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote on Friday in the immediate aftermath of the Referendum vote "I will be pushing the Government  to ensure remaining in the single market is a cornerstone  of the negotiations with the EU  over the months ahead," 'Don't panic- London will continue to be a great successful city,'24 June).
Given that at the moment there is no identifiable Government to lobby, so that makes it difficult. But Mr Khan's proposition is also illogical.
It seems  very clear one of the big reasons the majority voted for BREXIT is their concerns over uncontrolled inward migration. It is not possible to  be in the Single Market for trade in goods and services without agreeing to  the free movement of labour. As a lawyer and former minister, surely Mr Khan  must know this.
And there is absolutely no prospect of the other 27 EU governments agreeing to the UK having the benefits of  participation in the Single Market without abiding by its  core rules.
Think again Mr Mayor!

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