Thursday, 4 August 2016

The evidence is Corbyn is a very successful election winner

Letter sent to the "i" newspaper:
The sub-headline of Andrew Grice’s analysis of the prospects for the Labour Party leadership (“Corbynmania, round two,” "I" 4 August) read ”Fans are adamant he can win power. MPs know he cannot.”
The article provides no basis for this assertion. Those Labour MPs who oppose Corbyn’s socialist leadership have claimed ever since he was elected 11 months ago that he is a hopeless leader, who cannot win elections.
The real world belies this belief. He has increased his own personal percentage majority in Islington North constituency from  40.4% when first elected in  1983, increasing  in each subsequent election to  60.24% in last year’s general election.
In the past year Labour has won all four by-elections to Parliamen, (Oldham West and Royton,  Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Ogmore, and Tooting - geographically well dispersed - and several important mayoralties under the Corbyn leadership, including London and Bristol.
Meanwhile many of his  election critics backed Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, as ministers or shadow ministers, both of whom lost in General Elections. And Corbyn beat three of these to  win the leadership election itself last summer.
The facts suggest Corbyn is a very strong election winner, Labour dissidents please note.

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