Sunday, 26 February 2017

Labour's enemies

 Letter sent to the Times:
I find it odd you give such prominence to David Miliband’s views on the political prospects Labour Party (“Labour at weakest for 50 years, says Miliband,” Feb 25)

He abandoned his working class constituents in South Shields, resigning as an MP for a job with the International Rescue Committee in New York, more than quadrupling his salary in the process.

He rarely visits Britain, but feels able to offer detailed insights into UK politics and the Labour Party from afar, a role for which he is totally unsuited.

He could have remained in Parliament, and fought for policies in which he professes to believe, but, as did former Labour MPs Jamie Reed (Copeland) and Tristam Hunt (Stoke), chose to cut and run form  the highly privileged position of representing  his electors in Parliament, to enhance his own personal bank account.

These former MPs have been critical of the Labour Party leadership, but in their carping from the wings, have contributed to the national electorate’s questioning of the Corbyn leadership.

A period of political silence from the resigned three would  be appreciated by all who have chosen to stay and fight for the poor, the downtrodden and the sick, who are being increasingly alienated by the May government.

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