Friday, 24 November 2017

Labour should reject £205 billion Trident Mass killer for socially useful job creation instead

Letter sent to the Morning Star:
Labour had a lot of positive proposals in its suggest £17 billion investment that would be welcomed by millions in its emergency Budget unveiled by shadow chancellor John McDonnell (“Labour: Only crisis budget will save us,” Morning Star, 17 November).
But if the Labour leadership continues in its misguided support for the replacement of the Trident nuclear WMD system, at an eye-watering cost of  at least  £205,000,000,000 (£205 billion) over its operational life at sea, then many other investments such as in the health, education and housing programmes will not be possible, as this Trident monster mass-killer is paid for instead.
When is Labour’s leadership going to back Jeremy Corbyn in rejecting Trident, and convincing the trades unions such as Unite, who rightly want to protect their high skilled jobs – currently used in submarine manufacture and nuclear weapons production - that their skills will be productively redeployed in socially useful enterprises backed by a properly resources and proactive defence diversification agency?

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