Friday, 28 June 2019

Sellafield security questioned by official UK nuclear regulator

A week ago the UK national nuclear regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), released its annual report and accounts to zero media attention.(

But embedded in its 164 pages was the following intriguing revelation:

"Early in the reporting year, a number of security events required us to apply regulatory attention to several of Sellafield Ltd's security investigations."

It then added: " Appropriate lessons have been identified and we will continue our regulatory focus on security culture and on influencing improvements in the security competence of the internal assurance function."

Sellafield is a big nuclear site that, inter alia, holds 140,000 kilogrammes of plutonium. A devastating warhead can be made with  just 5kgs

We cannot afford any serious security even ts at Sellafield!

Below is a salutary tale of trying t find the uranium cubes lost from the Nazi nuclear bomb programme, to show how sensitive nuclear material can go missing for decades...

Physics Today, 1 May 2019 in People & History  

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