Sunday, 29 September 2019

Scrutinising the rogue Prorogation of Parliament

Letter sent to The Guardian:

When the prime minister unlawfully prorogued parliament three written parliamentary questions ( PQs) on prorogation remained totally unanswered by the Prime Minister himself at his fantasy Prorogation.
The questions were from Deidre Brock, MP for Edinburgh North and Leith, were submitted on 5 September four days before the illegal Prorogation, and asked the  prime minister respectively:
whether the attorney general advised him that the prorogation of Parliament would result in leaving the EU without a deal; if he will publish the records of discussions held on the prorogation of Parliament; on what date the decision was made to prorogue Parliament?
The attorney general told Parliament on 25 September when it resumed, that he was considering whether he could release some of his advice to government on Prorogation, notwithstanding the convention such advice is normally given privately. (
But there is no reason the prime minister himself should not now answer Deidre Brock’s three pertinent unanswered questions. Is there?

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