Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Diplomatic skål

Letter sent to The Guardian, on 22 June 2020:

Tim Dee's  travel  story on midsummer in Tromsø - inside  Norway's Artic circle - overlooked one of  the  odd curiosities of the city, which I came across on a visit some years ago: the British Consulate  there is has its office in the  HQ of the local Mack  Brewery. The honorary consul, Haakon Bredrup, has  his address as: Mack’s Ølbryggeri AS, P.O. Box 6142, 9291 Tromsø, and the email contact address  is via Mack brewery web site! A very sensible location as a pint, of beer in Norway  does not leave much change from a tenner, and no doubt he has negotiated a concession.

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