Thursday, 16 March 2017

PET project

Letter to the i newspaper:
Your excellent special report on, the environmental damage caused by plastic bottles (i15 March) rightly stresses the importance of recycling and drastic cutting back on the use of such PET bottles and containers.
Until such an eventuality is realized, perhaps, there is a lesson to learned from the innovation of Ernesto Maurer, a 90 year old Christmas tree plantation owner, in Amecameca, near Mexico City, whose Bosque de los Arboles de Navidad (which I visited last month) uses PET bottles to limit evaporation by covering  his water reservoirs  used to water his over  one million trees.
Mexico is a country  obsessed by soft drinks, and much of it suffers from lack of water, so this is a win-win  use of some surplus  plastic bottles, that could be copied.

Visita al  sitio donde se demuestra que es mentira la crisis del agua

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