Thursday, 15 June 2017

Prime minister should reverse her willingness to incinerate tens of thousands of foreign civilians with Trident

This week Theresa May, rightly as prime minister,  made a very sympathetic statement in support of families and friends of flat dwellers in the Grenfell Tower who  have died or been injured.

This follows earlier statements this month expressing her abhorrence of more innocent civilians people dying at the hands of ruthless maniacal terrorists in Manchester and London.

Yet she seems sanguine over launching Trident in our national “defence”, which would kill millions of innocent civilians.

On the  weekend  before Election day, Mrs May asserted in an article in the Mail on Sunday, that Jeremy Corbyn held chilling views on Trident nuclear WMDs, because he would not use them.

Indeed, in the Parliamentary debate on Trident renewal on 18 July  last year when SNP’s George Kerevan, asked her: "Are you prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children?” Mrs May replied with one word: “Yes.”(Hansard column 56;

When sane Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to confirm he would defend Britain from nuclear attack by using Trident in retaliation,  in a BBC tv Question Time Q&A during the election campaign he was jeered. Indeed, a young woman in the audience reacted, saying she did not understand why so many people in the room were keen on killing millions of people by using nuclear weapons.

This week, negotiations have resumed at the United Nations in New York to conclude a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, to ensure no innocent civilians are ever incinerated in their tens of thousands by nuclear weapons launched by design or accident. The British government refuses to participate, despite 117 nations doing so This is shameful and unacceptable.(

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