Thursday, 12 December 2019

Why climate change reportage was replaced by anti-semitism assertions in election campaign

Stephen Buranyi wonders what happened to the looming climate catastrophe in the General Election debate. (“This was supposed to be the climate crisis election. So what happened?, “Comment, on line, 9 December;

It is really quitter simple: the Conservative- supporting press, especially The Times, Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Daily Express, have decided to set an election political agenda around a persistent character s assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, led by mainly bogus allegations of anti-semitism by Corbyn himself and within the Labour Party he leads.

Then disgracefully, the broadcast media - radio and TV - which are supposed to be covered by strict media regulator Ofcom rules of balance and fairness during elections, have taken this pernicious agenda from these right wing papers, and perpetuated a series of half-truths and down-right lies.

Then, when people are asked in endless radio and TV vox pops how they might vote, many say they won’t vote Labour because they cannot stand Corbyn.

The important and obvious follow-up question of ‘why?’ is rarely asked, or if it is, it is not broadcast.

In such a malign media frenzy of lies and distortions, such trivia as saving the planet an making it liveable for future generation cannot find any place.

With the right wing press owned by extremely rich media magnets, who mostly already do not live in the UK, they will be able to afford a bolthole when the sea levels  and temperatures rise.

But the vast number of people who make up humanity will, however, suffer terribly.

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