Monday, 13 April 2020

Disgusting, deplorable, disgraceful, disloyal indefensible, betrayal of Corbyn ( by his own Labour Party officials)

Letter to The Times:

Your political reporter, Eleni Courea (“Antisemitism ‘smear campaign’ by Corbyn allies, “Times, 13 April 2020) astonishingly manages to reverse the story of how from day one of Mr Corbyn becoming elected Labour leader in summer of 2015, a cabal of disloyal paid Labour staff - including its then General Secretary (now Lord) McNicol- did all in their elevated position within the Party to undermine their leader and his shadow cabinet team, to one of Corbyn supporters attacking their detractors.

She has interviewed some of the people who are condemned in the report by the actual vicious words they use in hundreds of deeply pernicious and mutinous, often obscene emails and WhatsApp messages.
Instead of relying on re-reporting from Sky News,  your political reporter could have done a very quick internet search, downloaded and read the 860 page report herself.
She would then have seen what a complete travesty of the truth her report today really is.

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