Monday, 6 April 2020

Nuking Labour's atomic albatrosses

Letter submitted to The Guardian:

I agree with Sir Keir Starmer in his victory acceptance speech as new Labour leader that there should be “no return to business-as-usual” politics after the Coronavirus crisis is resolved.

The U.K. government  across the next ten years is going to have to find large sums of money to pay for the costs of protecting the economy and boosting the resilience of the NHS during the current Coronacrisis.

Two places where Sir Keir should start: the cutting taxpayer largesse that supports the unnecessary military and civil nuclear programmes, ie Trident nuclear WMD renewal at £205 billion; and new nuclear power plants at at least £25 billion each. He will need to change Labour policy to do this, at annual conference.

His biggest opponent will be Unite, the Union, led by old leftie  nuclear Neanderthal ,Len McCluskey, who likes taxpayers subsidising jobs for his members in both nuclear sectors, despite the fact they are the most expensive jobs per £ spent in the country.

Yes we need change, Sir Keir; this is where you should start. And the money saved should be directly invested in the Laour flagship policy, the Green New Deal, to decarbonise the economy.
Letter to The Times:
I find the appointment of Lisa Nandy as Shadow Foreign secretary by new Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, very disturbing.
During the Labour Party  leadership  campaign, in an interview on 29 January,  she told former Channel Four  political correspondent, Michael Crick ( who is now freelancing),  that if she were  to become Prime Minister, she would authorize the launch of Trident nuclear missiles. (
Were any British leader to do so, it would immolate millions of innocent civilians abroad.
What kind of moral compass does Ms Nandy have to  give such an appalling reply?
Letter to The Sunday Times:
As a former political editor of the left-leaning New Statesman, your deputy rotor Sarah Baxter has developed a deeply jaundiced view of how the Labour Party was democratised and made much more progressive under the special leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. (“Starmer’s first task is a Cobynite clear-out, 5 April)

She advocates bringing back into the shadow cabinet failed former Blairite ministers Yvette Cooper, Hilary Benn, and former shadow cabinet member, Rachel Reeves.

The former two resigned from Corbyn’s first shadow cabinet helping to wreck Corbyn’s ability to run a coherent opposition. The latter declined to join after maternity leave.

She claims “anti-semites flocked to  Corbyn’s banner.”

This is a received in-wisdom. There has been a microscopic number of Labour members who have acted  in a anti- Semitic way. There are however very many utterly unsubstantiated claims  by people like the Jewish extremist Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge.

MsBaxter calls for hundreds of thousands of Labour’s 550,000 leftist members to leave the Party because they do not share her now centrist political vision. This is a nonsensical suggestion. 
Labour will remain a broad church across the democratic left spectrum.

Sarah, get used to it under Sir Keir too!

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