Friday, 14 March 2014

Tony Benn's conversion on the road to Hinkley Point: Avoiding Atomic Armageddon

The venerable veteran Labour politician, Tony Benn, who died today, who once was responsible for the British nuclear power programme when he was Technology Minister in the late 1960s, when asked a few years ago  by The Times if he had made any  political mistakes in his life, responded:

“Yes, nuclear power: I was told it was, when I was in charge of it, that atomic energy was cheap, safe and peaceful.  It isn’t.” (Times Magazine, 11 September 2010) 

A serious problem for today’s politics is both Coalition ministers and their Labour opponents have not learned from Tony Benn’s conversion on the road to energy sustainability, and do support new nuclear.

And where have they chosen? Hinkley Point, alongside the flooded Somerset levels, close to the most recent earthquake which happened in the Bristol Channel just off the coast earlier this year, and at a location which is the only place in Britain to have suffered a Tsunami, in 1607, which devastated the area.
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