Sunday, 27 April 2014

Boris the Carpetbagger

I find the bandwagon  to find London Mayor Boris Johnson a so-called safe seat at the 2015 General election totally unedifying. 
It is also an insult to the prospective voters and all constituents of whichever Conservative constituency association bags its  man as their candidate, as, in my  view as someone who has worked for MPs for  over 25 years, it is impossible to properly represent constituents properly  part-time, which Boris necessarily would do if he remains London Mayor for the first year as a returned MP.
Do his  future constituents want an MP whose sole desire to return to Parliament seems to  be able to challenge David Cameron for the Conservative leadership, not to represent them in Parliament? The whole jamboree leaves a very bad taste, and is an insult to representative democracy.
This is carpet-bagging of the very worst sort.

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