Thursday, 26 March 2015

Guardian hot air over climate campaign

This letter was sent to The Guardian on 8 March, but remains unpublished
As someone who has tried, in vain, for eight years to get  submissions made to The Guardian's  Comment is Free  published on the myths of nuclear power's benefits to combatting climate change, I read with both surprise and expectation  Alan Rusbridger's admission ("Why we put the climate on the cover," 7 March) that, as Guardian editor, he now feels  he has not given sufficient space or prominence to the complex range of issues encompassed by climate change, and ways to mitigate and adapt to it..

I did have one article published on this key issue nearly ten years ago ("There is nothing green about Blair's nuclear dream, 20 October 2005,
Then nothing.

A few days before  Mr Rusbridger's front page concession that he had underplayed the climate change concern, your Brussels-based environment  reporter, Arthur Neslen, wrote piece on line( "UK joins Romanian push for new EU nuclear aid package," Guardian, 5 Thursday  March, revealing the UK Government had signed up to a lobby letter - with seven other EU countries -  calling on the European commission for increased nuclear aid funding, in which the signatory states misleadingly described  nuclear-generated electricity as carbon-free electricity.”

The Guardian now needs to provide the space, hitherto withheld, for criticism of this kind of willing misrepresentation by ministers - following the  script of the lavishly-funded nuclear lobby -  of the  known facts to be demonstrably,  and robustly debunked, as I started to do ten years ago in your newspaper.


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