Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fox's fallacies

Former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox's somewhat hysterical view that we risk being left in a "heap of cinders" unless we maintain "strong nuclear deterrent" (London Evening Standard, Report, 17 June) is contradicted by the current Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, who told MPs in a Parliamentary debate on Trident  earlier this year "Government shares the vision of a world that is without nuclear weapons, (20 January) and just last month foreign office minister Tobias Ellwood said in a statement the "Government retains a commitment  to  a world  without  nuclear weapons  following the end of the month-long review conference of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) in New York (Foreign Office Press release 23 May).

Dr Fox is out of touch, locked into an old fashioned world view, and needs to modernize his thinking.

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