Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Progressive case for remaining in EU undermined by Blair‏

I was very pleased to see the collective letter by former Labour leaders advocating British voters back the UK remaining in the EU.("Kinnock, Beckett, Blair, Brown, Harman and Miliband: ‘Labour party’s purpose is aligned with Europe’, Guardian Letter, 4 June; http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/03/kinnock-beckett-blair-brown-harman-and-miliband-labour-partys-purpose-is-aligned-with-europe).

This partly makes up for the failure of the media generally, the Guardian included, to cover the progressive case for remain put forward by Labour leader  Jeremy Corbyn and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. Instead the media has been obsessed by the extremely negative and increasingly boring internecine warfare between Tory ministers and high profile figures like Boris Johnson.

However, the Labour leaders' letter was spoilt by their failure to include any reference to what they propose should be done  the massive democratic deficit imposed by an unelected  European Commission, mostly made up of failed political grandees, (perhaps explained by the inclusion of signatory, Lord Kinnock, a former EU Commissioner).

It is also undermined by the signature of the toxic politician Tony  Blair, who despite owning many properties in the UK , spends most of his time abroad, raking in millions of pounds from foreign tyrants and dodgy banks.

Blair's lack of judgment on the EU is demonstrated by the fact he was an enthusiast for joining the Euro, only stopped by the much more skeptical and insightful Gordon Brown.

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