Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Trident: money trees sprouting everywhere

On Monday I heard the Chancellor Philip Hammond at the Conservative party conference poke fun at Jeremy Corbyn - and his shadow Treasury team - suggesting he is spending time watering his 'money tree' to pay for the infrastructure investments Labour outlined last week in their own conference in Liverpool.

Your exclusive front page story on Wednesday (Daily Mirror, 5 Oct) complained that the MOD plans to use  French steel  for the massively expensive Trident  nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarine, announced on Tuesday by Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, who added Labour have "just re-elected a Leader who wants to scrap our nuclear weapons."(

I wonder what tree Mr Hammond is watering to pay for the £205,000,000,000 ( £205 billion) cost of replacing the Trident nuclear WMD system the Conservative Government is determined to do. Mr Corbyn, meanwhile, is against spending a penny on the mass murder system.

The trades unions complaining about the outsourcing of the steel contract to France should be campaigning for British steel to be used in new renewable energy technologies like wave and tidal turbines, plus  offshore wind power generation, not backing such a huge amounts of taxpayers' money being squandered on a deadly new weapon of mass destruction.

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