Sunday, 4 June 2017

Terrorists can kill dozens; nuclear weapons will kill millions

Letter to the Daily Mail:

Your political editor reported on Saturday under the headline ‘Corbyn's nuclear meltdown: Labour leader humiliated in calamitous TV debate after refusing SIX times to say he'd use Trident to defend UK’ (Daily Mail, 3 June 2017; that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “refused to say whether he would defend Britain from nuclear attack” in a Question Time Q&A at York University with Theresa May.
Indeed, a young woman in the audience reacted, saying she did  not understand why so many people in the room were keen on killing millions of people by using nuclear weapons.
In your sister paper the Mail on Sunday, Mrs May asserted Jeremy Corbyn held chilling views on Trident nuclear WMDs, because he would not use them. ( 'Corbyn would be a calamity' MOS, 4 June 2017, (
On the same day on the steps of Downing Street Mrs May for the second time in two weeks rightly expressed her abhorrence of seven more innocent people dying at the hands of ruthless maniacal terrorists, following the 22 innocents murdered in Manchester.
Yet she seems sanguine over launching Trident in our national defence, which would kill millions of innocent civilians.

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