Friday, 22 February 2019

Good riddance to resigning MP

After a week if unrelenting depressing  political news, with very good people and excellent MPs like Luciana Berger and Heidi Allen leaving their respective political parties, at last some very good news: Ian Austin MP has quit Labour.  (Guardian On line news, 22 February;

Mr Austin had spent his time since Jeremy Corbyn was elected(twice) Labour leading pouring out vindictive, highly personalised bile against Mr Corbyn  in the media, on his very active Twitter feed and dozens of times in Parliament. He should have been expelled years ago for bring Labour into disrepute.
As a socialist party within the greater Labour movement, members of the party are usually respectful, collegiate and comradely.
Mt Austin has never demonstrated these qualities.
I don’t think a good, caring person like Luciana Berger, Parliament’s foremost campaigner for increased attention to and provision for mental health, really needs backers like Mr Austin

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