Thursday, 13 February 2020

Nuclear disarmament opportunity beckons.. as Boris Johnson ducks GBH conspiracy charge

I have been absent from blogging for nearly a month for a major cancer  operation and hospitalization Thanks to the marvelous NHS and its multinational care service, am home again, recuperating: Hers are two as yet unpublished letters I wrote from my hospital bed:

Regarding “A plea to Save The Last Nuclear Arms Treaty” (New York Times, Feb10, 2020) by two very distinguished and experienced American and Russian former high level executive diplomats, I agree the upcoming  quinquennial review conference of the 190 states parties to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (NPT) Is a prime opportunity to consolidate progress in establishing  a new strategic arms START ) treaty.

But I would go further: strategic nuclear arms are also deployed by three other parties to the NPT-  China, France and U.K.- albeit in far fewer numbers.

The NPT review should be the ideal opportunity for the nuclear arsenals of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council to be entered into collective multilateral negotiations.

Thereafter, the atomic arsenals of India, Pakistan North Korea and Israel could be addressed in a second negotiating pact.


When our PM facilitated GBH on a fellow journalist

Your report (“Tory activist jailed for saying he was ‘organising to hurt Yvette Cooper’” 8 February) as amplified in the House of Commons chamber on Monday ( “Apology to Cooper over threats by convicted activist,” 11Feb) reminds me of a similar case several years ago. It involved a Brussels-based Telegraph journalist being asked by a friend whose nefarious financial affairs were being investigated by a News of the World reporter, to help him frighten off the reporter.
(Guardian interview, 14 July 2019)

 The Telegraph journalist was prevailed upon to pass on details of where the NOW reporter lived, so thugs could be sent around and put the frighteners on to ward him off further digging.

A tape recording of the Telegraph journalist’s discussion with his friend exists. After clarifying the planned warn- off assault would not be too damaging ( maybe a few broken ribs) he agreed to facilitate the GBH on a fellow journalist.

The Telegraph reporter went on to make his name in politics. He is now Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn rightly raised this shameful incident with our shameless prime minister at PMQs on Wednesday.

It should have been brought up multiple timed in the recent General Election.

Thugs who masquerade as buffoons diminish the high office  of prime minister.

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