Saturday, 31 October 2020

In support of decency in politics- backing forJeremy corbyn

Some letters senttoday to th epress in support of Jeremy Corbyn: In the 2019 General Election campaign The Mirror quite rightly argued for Jeremy Corbyn to become our Prime Minister instead of the odious, proven cheat and liar Boris Johnson One of the reason Corbyn was very popular among Labour members as leader was his very strong ‘moral compass’, with his strong support for the poorest people in our society and his resolute anti -racist stance during his fifty years in politics. I was thus sad to read your “Voice of the Mirror’ criticism of Corbyn (30 October), which agreed with his suspension. Corbyn is clearly not in denial about the Equality and Human Rights Report. He backed its recommendations in full. But he correctly said his opponents, including inside Labour, and much of the media, hugely over-inflated to the size of the anti-semitism problem in Labour. Opinion polls have found people thought 33% of Labour supporters had anti-Semitism accusations made against them. The true figure is 0.03%. History will judge Corbyn more kindly than the media has. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Morning Star editor Ben Chacko’s deconstruction of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report and the media reaction (Features, Oct 31- Nov1) should really be published in all the national UK newspapers, so their readership can properly understand what is going on. But, as MS readers all know, the very last thing such newspapers will publish is this critique: instead they variously got bilious articles from Dame Margaret Hodge MP (Mail), discredited former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (Mail) and turncoat, former Labour MP, Lord Mann (Express), piling in attacking Corbyn, with a common theme: lack of facts. Amidst the rancorous bloodletting inside the Labour Party over the EHRC report, facts and details get lost. Let me address one interesting and important one. In the ECHR, one key finding I their report highlights makes mention a controversial mural painted in 2012 in east describing it as “anti-Semitic”, without qualification. When this controversy first broke - after a complaint by former Jewish MP Luciana Berger, (then Labour) - I investigated why this had caused such a huge contemporary political furore, and discovered interestingly that the mural’s Los Angeles –based artist, Mear One ( real name: Kalen Ockerman), stated it depicts 6 real people – not caricatures- turn of the 20th century businessman and bankers: Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Carnegie & Alistair Crowley. But crucially in respect of the emergent political furore, only 2 of which were Jewish. My best clear source was the liberal Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz (“A case of censorship of political art or a whitewashing of offensive anti-Semitic graffiti Haaretz, 14 October 2012 The reporter, Anshel Pfeffer, whom I take to be Jewish, wrote of: “six men elderly white men, some with, for lack of a better description, what seemed like noticeable Jewish features. They were playing a game of monopoly using real money, their giant board laid on the naked backs of downtrodden naked human beings of different color…A century ago, this was the heart of Jewish London, with tens of thousands of Jewish immigrants pouring in from Eastern Europe. Pfeffer added that Ockerman himself seemed to have had an interesting take on the nature of anti-Semitism. In a YouTube clip on his personal website, he said "I came to paint a mural that depicted the elite banking cartel known as ‘the wizards of Oz’, they would be playing a board-game of monopoly on the backs of the working class." The Ha’aretz report said Ockerman strenuously denied that was an anti-Semitic statement saying on his Facebook page that "a group of conservatives do not like my mural and are playing a race card with me. My mural is about class and privilege.” That article was published in Israel A second article I came across was published in the Morning Star on 5 April 2018, “Mear One’s mural – bad art and bad politics” by Nick Wright ( Morning Star, Thursday, April 5, 2018 by Nick Wright. He wrote perceptively: “Labour is weathering a co-ordinated campaign which combines criticism of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies and persona with an intensified drive to brand any criticism of the murderous policies pursued by Israel’s rulers with anti-semitism. The EHCR report and Jeremy’s suspension are the pre-planned outcome of the process to stop this country ever electing socialist prime minister. The media establishment has closed ranks in a very sinister common cause between the Mirror from the soft left to the Daily Mail, The Sun and Torygraph on the far right. A very bad development for British democracy

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