Monday, 14 December 2020

Brexit backers' total confusion

Letter sent to The Bournemouth Echo: Your correspondents Jeff Williams of Parkstone and Simon Harper of Fordingbridge (Have your day, B.E 12 December) make excellent points and point the finger at the political cheerleaders for Brexit to have to own this craziest of self-inflicted political and economic follies. To the politicians I would add most of the national daily newspapers who backed Brexit to the hilt, and are mostly owned by billionaire proprietors who themselves conveniently live abroad, outside the country on which their daily printed propaganda is to bring havoc! I would also point out to the confused Brexit backers, who demand we leave the EU to protect out so called “sovereignty”, that the U.K. will have to abide by trading rules of the World Trade Organization ( WTO) if we leave the EU without a trade agreement, and will still have to pool our military security in our membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Indeed, the threats being made against French fishing fleets from the Royal Navy in the event of a no deal would pit the British Navy up against the fleet of our ally, France, to demonstrate the utter absurdity of the whole Brexit farrago.

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