Thursday, 21 January 2021

Credit to Corbyn where due

Letter sent to The Guardian: Your important article(“WHO chief warns of ‘catastrophic moral failure ‘ over jabs distribution,” 19 January ) overlooks the fact that two days earlier former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn made campaigning for what he called “vaccine equality” one of four policy priorities for his new radical “Peace and Justice Project” ( reported only on line.(“Jeremy Corbyn to start global social justice project ‘for the many’ 13 December 2020;; and” Former Labour leader calls for ‘free and accountable’ media at launch of his Peace and Justice Project,” 17 January; Mr Corbyn stressed that “It is increasingly clear that very poor countries will have to wait years to access the [ vaccination] treatment and protect their people.. experts suggest nine out of ten people in poor countries will not receive a vaccine this year.. as distorted global economy is preventing recovery across the Global South.” In closing the 90 minute long on line webinar launching his new project, globally respected public intellectual Professor Noam Chomsky, now 92, told the forum from his home in the US that he regarded Jeremy Corbyn’s “values as an inspiration to all of us,” adding he has” impressive integrity and fortitude.” Considering the appalling media coverage Mr Corbyn received last year as he was hounded out of the parliamentary Labour party by its “new management”, it was good to hear some heartfelt truth from such a respected global campaigner for justice as Chomsky in support of Mr Corbyn.

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