Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Cameron's connections: dodgy business friendship creating trouble for ex-PM

Letter sent to the Daily Mail: Your columnist Stephen Glover on Tuesday and news reports on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday this week (Daily Mail) raise a range of important questions over David Cameron's political and business friendship and partnership with Australian financier ( and former sugar cane farmer) Lex Greensill, CBE. The detailed investigation published in The Sunday Times on 28 March also made it very clear just what an important networking role was played by former Cabinet Secretary, the sadly now late Sir Jeremy Haywood (lately Baron Heywood of Whitehall), who had worked with Lex Greensill when both worked for American investment bank Morgan Stanley before David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010. It was Sir Jeremy who paved the path for Greenhill to get a foot in - and then a significant presence behind - the Whitehall doors. I therefore find it very odd that in David Cameron's 732-page door stopper of a political autobiography, "For the Record", published in 2019, despite there being eight specific mentions of Sir Jeremy in the book's index, there is no mention at all of Lex Greensill. Was Mr Greensill such an insignificant figure in Mr Cameron's tenure as PM, or did he not want to bring attention to his pivotal role in his memoires? I think we should be told by Mr Cameron himself.

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