Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ed Miliband, Tony Blair and silence over Gaza massacres

Labour leader Ed Miliband rightly criticized David Cameron for not speaking out against the slaughter by the Israeli Defence Force of over 1,750 innocent Palestinian civilians - children, women and men- in just three weeks military offensive.

But surely Mr Miliband should not have attended  the lavish 60th  birthday party for his wife Cherie thrown by his former Party leader Tony Blair- now the middle east ‘Peace Envoy’ for Palestine - at their £6 million grade I-listed mansion on 25 July, while Palestinians were being slaughtered in Gaza.

Cherie’s birthday actually does not fall until 23 September, so Mr Blair could easily have postponed such a party  event, and concentrated on the essential  mediating in the deadly mayhem in Gaza from his Jerusalem base of the so-called Quartet Representative whose role includes “promoting economic growth and job creation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and supporting the institution-building agenda of the Palestinian Authority.”

Mr Blair finally returned to Jerusalem on 29 July. He has visited Ramallah in the Palestinian Authority territory on the West Bank and  Cairo since Israel began its devastating attacks on 8 July in  ‘Operation Protective Edge’, but has not once visited Gaza. Why not? And why does Mr Miliband not loudly complain about Mr Blair’s lack of intervention to save Palestinians?

Maybe he did at the lavish party, but I doubt it.

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