Friday, 27 March 2020

In praise of the great Socialist internationalist humanitarian leader the UK voters inexplicably failed to elect as Prime Minister

 Letter sent to the Daily Mail today:

Your parliamentary sketch writer Henry Deedes has either been asleep on the job, or is deliberately misleading Mail readers in his sketch “Corbynism? Ces’t fini”(Mail,26 March).


His sketch on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s final Prime minister Question Time gave the impression that when PMQs finished on Wednesday, Mr Corbyn departed the chamber into political history.


But less than half an hour later, at 1.34pm, Mr Corbyn led a very important Labour Party opposition debate on “Financial and Social Emergency Support Package, on which he spoke for 34 minutes, including some interventions.


The coronavirus outbreak will have a lasting impact on our economy and our society. Life is never going to be the same again. The immediate task of the Opposition is to help to arrest the spread of the coronavirus and to support the public health efforts that are being made, while being constructively critical where necessary to ensure that there is an improved official response. I thank all hon. Members for the questions they put to the Leader of the House about how the House can continue to operate as it should, even during a recess.

The advice and instructions are crystal clear, so people know precisely what they should and should not do to limit or slow the spread of the virus, but there needs to be detailed guidance to employers and workers about which workplaces should close. Clear communication from the Government is vital for everybody’s safety. The crisis exposes the vulnerabilities in our economy and our society. Underfunded public services, insecure work and a threadbare social security system all carry a heavy burden, which is usually hidden from public view, but has been thrust into a brutal light by a public health emergency.

The crisis also shows just how dependent we are on one another, and on the many ties of mutual aid woven together that make up the fabric of our society and our communities.


Now that is a message Mr Deedes should have found worth of reporting! Mail readers surely would have.

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