Friday, 10 April 2020

Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Nuclear WMDs, very expensive nuclear power plants verses and care & NHS workers: who are the keys our society?

Letter sent to The Guardian:

I wonder whether the nation now agrees with the Labour Party argument put at the last election four months ago, that NHS and social care workers - along with public transport workers and indeed supermarket shelf stackers- are key to our society succeeding; or the alternative put forward by the Tories that investment ‘casino’ bankers, hedge fund managers, (and other assorted business parasites, like chief executives of failing companies who pay themselves £multi-million  bonus even as their companies go under) are the real key workers?


Letter sent to The Times:

As a long term supporter of progressive politics, I was really surprised  that you saw fit to publish the letter from a discredited has-been New Labour cheerleader politician in Lord Hutton of Furness ( “Starmer’s credible shadow cabinet,” letters,   ( 9 April 2020)

He takes a swipe at the outgoing more left wing shadow cabinet as he praises incomers. 

The new shadow  Foreign Secretary, Lisa Nandy, pledged  in an interview with veteran political broadcaster, Michael Crick, in 29 January, that were she ever in a position of power, she would authorise the launch of British Trident nuclear weapons. 

She is currently shadowing Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has been given temporary authority over such nuclear launch authority, as the Prime Minister recovers from Covid19 in hospital.

Any such action, of course, would immolate millions of innocent foreign human beings.

Lord Hutton used to represent in the House of  Commons the BAE systems company town where Trident replacement submarines are being built.

He was a string supporter of Trident when he was Defence Secretary under Tony Blair.

He is now the President of the Nuclear Industry Association, some of whose members are daily in significant breach of social- spacing rules at their construction sites, such as French state company EDF energy at the £24 billion Hinkley Point C plant near Bridgwater.

It is such reckless nuclear activities as Trident and Hinkley that are threatening to drive the nation to the brink of extinction, not the left wing element of the Labour Party!

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