Thursday, 9 April 2020

Super-rich footballers and Premier league clubs must save the minnow football league clubs

Letter sent to the Daily Mail:

Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) chief executive, Gordon Taylor, a former Bolton Wanderers player several decades ago, (Mail,3 April) needs to be reminded when he attempts to justify continued astronomical wage payments for his members (footballers) that they are themselves non- playing right now!
Martin Samuel‘s attack in the Mail in Monday April 6th should not be about rich top footballers giving money to back the NHS, but to keep the small clubs alive until football can re-start to what surely will be huge crowds everywhere!

These pampered premier league super sports stars want to retain their extravagant incomes of between £100, 000 to £320,000 per WEEK, while standing by as clubs’ administrative staff, ground preparation staff and stewards etc, few of whom earn much more than £50,000 a YEAR, are having their income slashed.
Martin Samuel  rightly pointed out in Wednesday’s Mail in an article stressing the “nuclear option”’ that even some Championship clubs - and remember these are the bigger and richer ones in the lower tiers-  are in real danger if disappearing unless some kind of ‘Group Administration’ can be agreed soon.

Samuel is right in his call on 9 April (Mail) that the rich clubs should stop procrastinating -and pay up!

Mr Taylor’s former club, Bolton once in the top tier ( now the Premier League) of the football pyramid, are certainly going to be relegated to the fourth tier, (second division) next season. 
That club’s whole future is on the brink, because the lavish resources of the top tier are selfishly retained among the already super rich clubs. Many other much smaller clubs like Morecambe and Macclesfield face extinction.
I support Chelsea, and think our club’s  owner, the multi billionaire Roman Abramovich, should kick- start an emergency support fund for lower league teams. 
Chelsea after all has secured several top players - like Ethan Ampadu, now a Welsh international, whom they signed  from fourth tier club Exeter City- and money could come directly from the massive wages of  the 25-player first team squad, who would barely notice, say, £500.000 coming out of their annual wages, but it could protect the less celebrated jobs of many in the lower leagues, and save some clubs from closure  altogether.

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