Monday, 1 June 2020

Mixed up Mail confuses itself over Maitlis!

Letter sent to the Daily Mail:

I really do not understand your critical coverage (Daily Mail, 29 May 2020) - especially on Friday last week- of the exclusion of experienced, award-winning broadcast journalist, Emily Maitlis, from the BBC2 ‘Newsnight programme last week.

Your media editor accurately quoted her (on Thursday, 28 May 2020)  her as telling her TV audience in a monologue she delivered at the opening of last Tuesday’s  edition  as asserting : “Mr Cummings broke the rules” and  made the British public  “feel  like fools. “

In so saying, she very closely reflected the Mail’s own very powerful editorial on Monday, which  was headlined : “Cummings is taking us for fools.”

Yet on Friday (29 May 2020), conservative commentator, Douglas Murray was given two thirds of a page to  attack Ms Maitlis, asserting  she had made a “deeply ungenerous speech” which he also called a “rant” and she had apparently “been  driven furious by events.”

He concluded that by  making her robust remarks she had  “given-up” on impartiality  and she will  thereby  “only corrode public trust  and further divided rather than unite  our nations. “

You reported on Saturday (30 May 2020) revealing, although the BBC received round 40,000 viewer communications following her  Tuesday evening monologue , about half were critical of her comments; and about half were critical of the BBC for not upholding her editorial independence.

I strongly disagree with Mr Murray ‘attacks, as a significant majority of the nation appears to agree with Maitlis’s argument.

Not least the Daily Mail Comment writers!

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