Saturday, 14 November 2015

Corbyn's show of true respect towards war veterans‏

This letter was sent to the Daily Mail last Monday, but they chose not to  publish it:

Robert Hardman is entitled to disagree with Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn's defence  policies if he chooses. But in an article sub-headed "How I see it" he surely is not entitled to criticize Mr Corbyn's behaviour at the solemn ceremony of remembrance at the Cenotaph, by omitting the most important action Mr Corbyn took during the ceremony.

When the Prime Minister, former Labour leader Tony Blair, and assorted self-important VIPs, including other politicians, abandoned the march and wheel-by in wheel chairs of the veterans, to enjoy a VIP lunch, Mr Corbyn remained  on the street (Whitehall) to talk to hundreds of passing veterans.

I think his empathy  for the sacrifice of veterans showed a lot more respect than the others stuffing their faces inside in the warmth of the Ministry of Defence reception. That's the difference between ceremonial respect, and real respect.

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