Monday, 13 April 2020

NHS is not "Love Powered" Prime Minister, but tax-powered

Letter to the Daily Mail:

Our Prime Minister said in his message on 12 April to the nation on leaving hospital- his life having been saved by a multinational health care team- that the NHS is “powered by love.” (Daily Mail)

It is not. It is powered by resources. Money raised by taxes.

I left hospital at the end of January after my own life-saving cancer operation. My post -operational hospital care was carried by nursing professionals from India, Jamaica, Ghana, Uganda, Thailand, Cyprus and Italy.

The ward cleaners were from Bangladesh and Laos.

After the Covid19 crisis is over, the British health and social care system needs to be long-term, sustainably financed.

This is in the gift of an eternally grateful Prime Minister.

May I suggest he find the money by cancelling the £205,000,000,000 ( £205 billion) unneeded Trident nuclear system that all can see has proved useless defence against the Coronavirus pandemic invasion.

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